Ali Zafar wins hearts with soul-stirring kalam of ‘Faslon ko Takalluf’


Pakistani singer and artist Ali Zafar presented a special gift for his fans this Ramadan, continuing the tradition of previous years.

The 42-year-old musician graced our ears with a beautiful rendition of kalam of Faslon ko Takalluf which Ali defined as sense of inspiration and reverence for those who listen to him during Ramadan.

The monochrome clip shows the singer narrating the kalam with closed eyes, with snippets of Holy cities playing in the backdrop.

Sharing the clip of the famous Naat written by a noted poet, Iqbal Azeem, on Instagram, Ali Zafar said “The holy month of fasting and cleansing our mind, body and soul is here. The opportunity to connect and reconnect on a deeper level with our creator is here”.

The musician felt humbled to share the rendition which he defined as nostalgia that speaks to the spiritual beauty of visiting Mecca and Madina. “This piece is close to my heart because I’ve been lucky enough to experience the transformative power of those holy lands firsthand. It can only be felt and no words can ever express those feelings. I am sure those who have been can relate to it,” the post reads.

Concluding with a prayer for all, he wrote, “Stepping foot in those sacred places is like feeling the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. It’s a reminder that we’re all pilgrims on a greater journey, seeking something far beyond ourselves. I hope this rendition brings you a reminder or the same sense of inspiration and reverence that it brings me.”

Meanwhile, fans felt mesmerized after listening to Kalam and prayed for the singer to continue the noble deed.

For the unversed, Ali has always been exceptional in his work and the artist has been focusing on giving his voice to Islamic compositions for some years. In 2022,  he dropped the single Maula off his fourth album Husn in the Holy Month.