Ali Zafar releases duet song with Chinese singer Minqi to commemorate Pak-China friendship

Ali Zafar and Xiang Minqi

Ali Zafar collaborated with Chinese singer Xiang Minqi on a brief music video. The song was published to mark the 70th anniversary of Pakistan-China diplomatic ties.

“On the 70th anniversary of the development of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, I learnt some Chinese and sang about our friendship,” wrote Zafar in a social media post.

The song is about love and friendship, and it uses the blossoming of the gardenia as a symbol for the two countries’ partnership. “Love is the most beautiful language,” says the song’s final line.

Zafar later posted a poster created to commemorate the event in a tweet.

“‘You stole my heart,’ a special duet by Ali Zafar and Xiang Minqi paying a tribute to the special, exclusive, and everlasting friendship between China and Pakistan,” said Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque.

One user saw something that many others did not, prompting Zafar to reply. The song was allegedly released on his birthday, according to him.

Zafar asked, “How did you know?”

Zafar agreed. He also announced that the song and video were both created in under three hours.

The release has elicited a lot of positive feedback from fans, who have been posting it on social media.

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