Al-Quds and Iran | By Naveed Aman Khan


Al-Quds and Iran

THE normalization of relations between some Arab states and the Zionist regime encourages occupation and oppression in the land of Palestine.

The signatories of this agreement used the achievement of peace with the Palestinians as an excuse for their action, but as we see, not only did we not get closer to peace in Palestine, but the level of assaults and occupation of Palestinian land has increased.

The double standard of Western countries and international organizations on the issue of Palestine has become a concern for free thinkers and world peace activists, and this approach is no longer tolerable by the people of the region due to the human rights violations by the Zionist actions.

An important and significant change that was more visible last year is the continuity and synergy of the resistance of the people of Gaza with other Palestinians in the West Bank and the occupied territories.

The battle of Saif al-Quds showed that the capacity of resistance among all Palestinians is high and increasing day by day, and this has become a nightmare for the Zionist authorities.

At least three main factors have made Palestine one of the most important issues in the Islamic world: first, the nature of the land of Palestine, its sanctity and its place among the followers of Islam; Second, the nature of the Zionist enemy and its religious and historical claims and its expansionist and occupier spirit; Third, the nature of the Western-Zionist alliance, which seeks to divide and weaken the Islamic Ummah so that Islamic countries remain dependent on the great powers.

American policies are so much in Israel’s best interest that some American writers have written articles that it’s actually the Israelis who run the United States, not the Americans themselves.

The United States provides more than $ 3.8 billion a year as military aid to Israel. US political support for Israel has also been widespread and unrestricted.

The United States has vetoed international resolutions about Israel more than 40 times, and that speaks for itself.

In recent years, the apartheid and occupying Zionist regime has intensified its insane actions against the Palestinians.

These include “mass punishment”, which is the most important factor in violating the “principle of self-determination” of the Palestinians, the siege of Gaza, the completion of the barrier, the expulsion and forced relocation of Palestinians from their homeland and the deportation of Israelis to Israel in fertile areas, assassination of Palestinian commanders and fighters and other Arab and Islamic countries, destruction of agricultural lands in the Gaza Strip, implementation of the project of Judaization of Jerusalem with the continuation of settlements, destruction of Palestinian homes, increasing military-security presence and surveillance in East Jerusalem, Prohibition of the movement of Palestinian citizens living in Jerusalem and revocation of their identity cards and revocation of permanent residence permits for Palestinians living in Jerusalem, which is in contrast with international laws and violates agreements in accordance with Article 43 of the Hague Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Declaring a Jewish Nation-State in the Zionist Knesset in 2018; Promoting settlement as a “national value” in Israel; Separation of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza; And the Judaization of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Negev, the trial of the Palestinians in military courts, and so on.

The support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the oppressed people of Palestine is not a short-term and tactical policy, and it is not only rooted in religious beliefs, but most importantly a humane and humanitarian duty based on the nature and essence of every human-being from every religion and race.

The return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding a referendum among the genuine people of this land to determine the fate and type of political system is the most effective way to resolve this conflict.

The Muslims, Jews and Christians of Palestinian origin will be able to choose the kind of legal system that governs them and enjoy their rights freely and equally.

The plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been formulated and presented based on the principles of democracy and international law accepted by all governments and nations.

The Israeli regime must be held accountable for violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Such crimes should not go unpunished. A solution to the Palestinian crisis is possible only if the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are fully recognized, restored and established.

Over the past seven decades, Palestine has endured countless crimes of massacre, ethnic cleansing, population change, systematic torture, arbitrary murder and detention.

Israel has acted since the beginning of the occupation of Palestine all forms of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Crimes against humanity and persecution as defined by the Rome Statute and customary international law include severe deprivation of fundamental rights for a racial, ethnic, or other group with discriminatory purposes.

Elements of these crimes are present in the occupied territories as part of a single policy of the Israeli regime.

This policy is in line with the continuation of Zionist Jewish domination over the Palestinians throughout the occupied territories.

This policy in these lands has been accompanied by systematic repression and inhumane acts against the Palestinians living in these areas.

—The writer is editor, book ambassador, political analyst and author of several books based in Islamabad.