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Sanctity of Masjid Nabvi Medina


Observing sanctity and respect of Roza-e-Rasul and Masjed Nabvi in Medina is obligatory and mandatory for all Muslims. There are clear-cut instructions and traditions that even raising your voice within the premises of Masjed Nabvi is neither recommended nor allowed.

It is unfortunate that individuals blinded by hatred and inflammatory speeches of their political leaders have chosen to indulge in such immoral and unethical acts at the final resting place of the Last Prophet (PBUH), whose respect is one of the two mandatory requirements for entering the Islamic faith. Recitation of Kalima Tayyaba is an oath in your undivided belief in one Almighty (SWT) and that Prophet M (PBUH) is the last and final messenger of the Almighty.

If, as alleged, this was planned by a political party and a controversial British national, tainted for financial irregularities in UK, was deputed to oversee this blasphemous activity, it is even more, reprehensible and detestable and must be condemned. Quaid warned us about exploitation of religion for political purposes and made it clear that Pakistan must be a modern democratic welfare state, with rule of laws and constitution.

Unfortunately, instead of practicing Islamic jurisprudence and laws which guarantee equal rights and opportunities for all citizens and that individual sovereignty is a divine right and there is no place in Islam for dictatorship and kingship. Islamic system of governance has a lot in common with democracy where collective wisdom and majority decisions are recommended for governance and political matters.

Fascism and cult like politics has no place in Islamic jurisprudence and must never be encouraged because individual right to exercise dissent is assured within limits of law. For too long Pakistan has been hostage to conflicts of interest of ruling elite and their financial interests in real estate sector.





In the most holy Masjid of Earth (Masjid-e-Nabawi), during the holy month of Ramadan, performing one of the most sacred deeds, the pilgrims abrogated the sanctity of Roza e Rasool (SAW) by mocking and calling names. Political differences aside but this can’t be tolerated at any cost. You can support any political party but the sanctity of that place should be respected. The pilgrims who have been involved in this act have not even read the following Quranic verses written at the place where they were chanting slogans.

“O you who believe, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk as you speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds may be rendered vain while you perceive not.” (Surah Hujurat, verse:2)

Verbal abuse against each other just because of differences in political opinions has become a norm these days. Pakistan is facing intolerance of its people in every aspect of society. Government and leaders of the political parties should address this serious issue with their followers to be restrained from these types of acts so that political intolerance can be eradicated.



Political heat


As we know that some people chanted against the Prime Minister in masjid-e-Nabvi. They violated the sanctity of the holy place i.e. Masjid-e-Nabvi, which is unbearable and unacceptable. This act is not justifiable. It should not happen. People are losing ethics. There is a time for everything. The people should know the difference between Masjid and Jalsa. There is no permission to raise your voice in such a holy place. It is a place of worship. And another incident took place in Islamabad in Kohsar Market against PTI members. A group of people attacked them. The political situation of the country is worsening day by day.

It should be stopped. Police should handle the situation and take some action against such people. Political differences aside but no sensible nation ever does this disappointing act. Those people who participated in this shameful act of shouting in the masjid-e-Nabvi should be punished. That is a sacred place.



Diesel and fuel charges

Reports are emerging of diesel and fuel shortage in some parts of the country, particularly the wheat growing districts of Punjab where high speed diesel (HSD) is used during the harvesting season. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) however has dismissed these claims of a shortage and has maintained that adequate supplies of petrol and diesel are available to cater to domestic needs.

The All-Pakistan Petrol Pumps Dealers Association is claiming that none of the oil companies except for PSO are supplying fuel to the dealers and that all private companies have suspended their operations in the province. This is an extremely concerning situation which only further adds to the existing panic surrounding the impending increase in fuel prices. Meanwhile, the Oil Companies Advisory Council has also backed up OGRA by stating that ample stocks of fuel are available in the country, despite the high demand for HSD during the current harvesting season.

During a high-level meeting chaired by Secretary Petroleum revealed that 21-day stock of diesel and 31-day stock of petrol was available in the country, and an artificial shortage of diesel was created on the rumours of Rs 52 per litre rise in its prices. Some reports also claim that there are unauthorized dealers in the market, who have hoarded large quantities of diesel. This must be addressed at the earliest, and cannot be allowed to happen in the future. The government should set a strong precedent once and for all.



Deadly misinformation

The young population in Pakistan is always dreamed of as a boon to the nation, but this dream turns into a hopeless desire. Unfortunately, a large portion of youths are directly involved in the war on social media; posting, sharing, and liking unauthentic news. The trend to harm and spoil the privacy of opponents and targeted persons are becoming a more common practice among youths.

According to Pew Research Centre, people who used social media as a source of information are less informed about social affairs and more likely to believe in fabricated news, hence harming the correct narratives. Before asset of the nation turns into a disguise due to misinformation, young population needs to be properly made aware of the 5th generation warfare.