Akram: Bariam D’Awari dedicated life to service of humanity


Vice Chairman of All Pakistan Hotel Association (PHA) and Chairman Capital of Employers Federation of Pakistan, Mian Akram Farid expressed regret over the death of well-known businessman Bariam D’Awari and said that the deceased spent his whole life to serve humanity. Ghazari, late Bahram D. Awari and I had a very old relationship and they were friends of friends.

Whether it was in foreign countries, whether it was in the field of sports or business, they celebrated the Name of Pakistan everywhere, they should have given a new innovation to the hotel industry. Be it Pakistan or Europe, he made the name of Pakistan famous everywhere. And created a name in the hotels industry, today Awari Group of companies is a brand and employs millions of people.

He made a name for himself by winning a gold medal in the sailing event of the Asian Games in 1982. The then President of Pakistan also gave him the Performance Award at Pride of 1982. He also won gold medals in the Asian Games twice.