AJK SC declares appointments of Dev Authorities illegal

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Appointments of all heads of Development Authorities in Azad Kashmir have been declared illegal by the AJK Supreme Court in its judgment recording “in this state of affairs, no other option is left with the Court except to declare all the appointments of the heads of the Development Authorities illegal”. They shall cease to hold offices immediately, Court directs.

In its landmark judgment the Supreme Court Thursday directed the AJK Law Secretary “to place the matter before the concerned forum for making object-oriented rules for all the posts of heads of the Development Authorities within a period of three months and till the proper rules are framed the Government shall assign the charge of the MirpurDeveopment Authority and Development Authority Muzaffarabad to the Chief Engineers PPH/Highways for smooth functioning of the Development Authorities”.

The pre-judgment practice of the government has been to appoint any senior officer from any cadre of the government services as Chairmen of any Development Authority.