AJK President rules out talks with India



The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan has ruled out any talks with India in the present situation.
Sardar Masood Khan addressing a function in Muzaffarabad said that if India wanted to hold talks, it must withdraw all actions taken about Kashmir after August 5, 2019; cease military operation in the held territory; immediately stop settling non-Kashmiri subjects in the state, and release all political prisoners.
Rejecting bilateral talks with India, the AJK president said, Kashmir is not a bilateral dispute between Pakistan and India, but it has been debated thrice in the UN Security Council during the last one year, and we will never want the Kashmir issue to be dragged from the world body and confine it to Delhi.
He maintained that the talks, if held with India, would not be bilateral but trilateral under the supervision of the United Nations and with the involvement of the genuine representatives of Kashmiris.
India, he said, since 1972 had very cleverly used the ploy of bilateral talks to keep Kashmiris and the United Nations away from the process and added that no talks between India and Pakistan could yield positive results without the participation of Kashmiris.—KMS

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