Ahsan accuses Imran of ‘attacking’ judiciary


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal on Monday accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of ‘attacking’ the judiciary during a telethon on Sunday.

Speaking outside the accountability court (AC) in Islamabad, he said that Imran Khan’s hunch was that he was unable to fulfill his mission because the judiciary was not cooperating with him.

“Imran wants the courts to cram the opposition leaders into jails despite the fact that no corruption reference has so far been filed in the courts with concrete evidence,” he opined.

He appealed to the media to show hearing of corruption cases live so that truth could be separated from falsehood.

Ahsan regretted that the country had sunk deep into the mire of loans. “Imran borrowed more loans in the last two years than what we had borrowed in our entire tenure,” he said, and added, “Imran borrowed loans to bridge the deficit. Since then our financial autonomy is at stake.—INP