After disapproval by Senate secret hands active to introduce dubious adhoc council


Staff Reporter

Despite being disapproved some of the members of the council along with the president continue to use their powers.
According to sources, on Saturday, Aug 31 one of the assistant registrars of the council on PMDC official car left for Lahore to get pre-dated approvals of “pending tasks” and council minutes to cover their illegal acts.
Surprisingly the council meeting minutes have deliberately not been published and this time not even circulated to the council members and taken to the president on the same date to sign them, the sources further said.
Surprisingly on Aug 29 when this council was disapproved by the Senate of Pakistan one of the council members forced the registrar to issue faculty status for Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) in 3rd schedule despite not being approved by the council.
This is the same hospital in which the member’s appointment is being challenged in the Islamabad High Court that he not being a professor was nominated to the council.
The outgoing PMDC to-date had not recognized the said member as a faculty member and the response, said the sources adding efforts are being done by the said member to delay the high court proceeding in this respect.
The sources further said two members were trying to legitimize their wrong doings and add them illegally in the last council minutes. The previous president of the council has no right to sign or approve any documents, said the sources adding such manipulation was unprecedented.
All the council minutes are, as per SOP are sent on emails within two days but this time no minutes were sent deliberately to do illegal things. The sources further said the DG Health is trying to bring in an adhoc council which according to law does not exist.
Through this the ex-members are trying to buy time. If the government doesn’t take steps to check this then it should be prepared for irreparable loss to the medical fraternity, the sources said.