Afghanistan will not be arena for world powers’ conflict: Muttaqi



The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said that the Islamic Emirate will not allow Afghanistan to become a center of conflict between the world powers.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Shia clerics and other public figures held on Saturday.

Muttaqi once again reiterated that the Afghan soil will not be used against anyone. Referring to criticism of the international community, the acting foreign minister said the formation of the current government was already inclusive.

“If the former government of Ashraf Ghani was inclusive, then only the leaders of that government left and the rest of the government remained here,” he said. Muttaqi voiced concern that there are some circles that seek to trigger disputes among Afghan tribes by conducting attacks on public areas.

“They cause a blast in mosques, religious areas, crowded areas and schools but they still failed. The reason for their failure is that they want to sow disunity among the people but they failed,” he said.

He also criticized the imposition of economic sanctions on Afghanistan but said despite economic challenges the salaries of the government employees have been paid. Analysts said that the Islamic Emirate should engage with the international community to gain legitimacy.

“The current government of the Islamic Emirate should immediately engage with the people and international community to assure the international community that there is a standard government in Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Khan Andar, a political analyst. The international community has stated that the recognition of the Islamic Emirate is conditional on its upholding women’s rights, forming an inclusive government, and preventing Afghan soil from being used for attacks on other countries.

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