Afghanistan ready for direct flights to Kazakhstan



Afghanistan and Ka-zakhstan have agreed on cre-ating a joint chamber of trade and enhancing com-mercial cooperation.

Acting Minister of Trade and Industry Nooruddin Azizi and his Kazakh counterpart Bak-hyt Sultanov made the an-nouncement on Saturday.

At a joint media briefing in Kabul, Azizi said com-prehen-sive talks were held with a vis-iting Kazakh delegation, led by Sultanov.

Efforts were ongoing to estab-lish a joint chamber of com-merce, he said, adding: “Steps have been taken to set up a chamber of commerce.”

Afghanistan was willing to jointly work with Ka-zakhstan for bolstering bilateral trade relations,” the minister said af-ter talks with the Kazakh delega-tion.Sultanov, bringing half a tonne of medical products in hu-manitarian assistance to Af-ghanistan, prom-ised more aid would reach Kabul soon.

He said: “If we refer to trade relations, exports and imports of goods between Afghanistan and Kazakh-stan have fallen by 27 percent.”

Azizi assured the Kazakh min-ister Afghanistan was ready for the establishment of an air corridor and resumption of di-rect flights to the Central Asian country.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of Afghan products lie fruits, car-pets, precious stones and handmade items was held in Kabul. The two sides laid emphasis on operations of Ka-zakhstan commercial banks in Afghani-stan.


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