Afghanistan led the world in ‘negative experiences’ in 2021


Based on Gallup’s findings, Afghanistan is the least positive and leads the World in negative experiences.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Gallup Management consulting company, Afghans experienced the most worry in 2021.

This institution’s survey indicates that 74% of the country’s residents experienced stress and sadness in the previous year.

“Worry, stress and sadness soared to record levels in Afghanistan in 2021: 80% of Afghans were worried, 74% were stressed, and 61% felt sadness much of the previous day.

Notably, no other population in Gallup’s 16‑year trend has ever reported feeling this much worry,” Gallup’s report reads.

Based on Gallup’s findings, Afghanistan is the least positive and leads the World in negative experiences.

“Afghanistan has ranked as the least-positive country in the world every year since 2017, apart from 2020, when Gallup could not survey the country because of the pandemic,” the report further added.

“This survey indicates the depth of the social crisis in Afghanistan as well as the depth and breadth of the problems that the Afghan people are dealing with,” said Sayed Sajjad Sajadi, university lecturer.

“Half of people of the society, those who now stay at home were participating in social events, were studying hard, attending school, and were serving their communities, all of them now stay at home and it mostly harmed the women,” said Tamana Ghori, former advisor to the Women’s Commission of the House of Representatives.

“The closure of girls’ schools and the restriction on individuals’ freedom, and most importantly, the helplessness of citizens and widespread poverty among citizens and families in Afghanistan have made the Afghan people the saddest nation in the world,” said Parwiz Khalil, a university lecturer. But the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, on Twitter called the findings of the Gallup report incorrect.

“The Gallup survey, which claims that 74% of Afghans are anxious and restless, is false.

This report presents propaganda and is based on false information. The majority of people truly feel safe and happy after the Islamic Emirate came to power,” he tweeted.

The report also added that Afghanistan in 2021 displaced Iraq from the top spot on the Negative Experience Index that the latter had occupied for the two previous years.

Afghanistan’s score of 59 on the index was the highest score on record for the country and the highest score in the world in 2021.—Tolo News


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