Past attendees say clerics’ gatherings ‘effective’



The Islamic Emirate has not shared details about the agenda of the gathering. Qari Hamdullah Yaquobi, a participant in a previous “Gathering of Islamic Clerics,” held in the time of the first Islamic Emirate leadership, said holding such gatherings is effective in shaping the system.

Yaqubi, who attended the gathering in Kandahar province twenty-six years ago, said that Mullah Mohammad Omar Akhund was elected as the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate at that gathering.

“1,500 religious clerics called for Mullah Mohammad Omar Akhand to be the supreme leader (Amir al-Muminin), and then called on all Afghans to unite,” said Qari Hamdullah Yaquobi.

Meanwhile, the residents of the southern provinces of the country called on the participants to decide on the reopening of girls’ schools and to improve the country’s economic situation. “Women’s rights must be prevented from being violated at this gathering; that is, women must be allowed to go out, work and study,” said Nita Ahmadi, a resident of Kandahar.

“We ask the gathering of Islamic Clerics to make specific decisions about trade in the country,” said Haji Abdul Ahad, a trader.

This time the Islamic Emirate is holding the gathering in Kabul instead of Kandahar. “This gathering is held in order to appoint their leader and show their allegiance to their leader, and for national or international legitimacy,” said Haji Abdul Zahir Sark, a researcher.

“Experienced religious clerics and elders are members of this gathering, and it will lead to good results,” said Mawlawi Nimatullah Ulfat, a religious cleric. The Islamic Emirate has not shared details about the agenda of the gathering. “We ask the gathering of the Islamic Clerics to provide us an alternative to opium cultivation,” said Abdul Shakur, a resident of Helmand.

“We hope that decisions will be taken at this gathering to convince the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” said Khudai Nazar, a resident of Zabul.

Around 3,000 people from across Afghanistan have been invited to a three-day gathering of Islamic clerics, which is going to be held at the Loya Jirga Hall in Kabul, sources told TOLOnews. The details of the topics to be discussed at the gathering are not yet clear, and people will have to wait for the outcome. The result of this gathering will be announced at its end.—Tolo News


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