Afghanistan exports biscuits to Kazakhstan



The first shipment of Afghanistan-made biscuits, a product of a private factory in Balkh province, was exported to Kazakhstan on Monday through the port of Haritan on the Uzbekistan border.

Head of the Allah Shakur biscuit company, Allah Shakur Qanaat Bakhsh, said: “The first export shipment consists of four types of biscuits.”

He said the company is also hoping to export its products to other countries.

The company, which is located in the Mazar-e-Sharif industrial park, has the ability to produce a few tons of biscuits every day.

According to factory officials six hundred workers are currently employed at the factory and work in two shifts.

This comes after the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) said on Sunday that an Air Corridor Agreement between India and Afghanistan has been signed and that Afghanistan’s goods will soon be exported to India by air.

Abdul Salam Jawad, a spokesperson for the MoIC, said that the export of Afghanistan’s commercial commodities to India continues through Wagah port and that in the past year, the country has exported more than 14 billion afghanis via the port.

According to him, cargo flights between Afghanistan and India will start in the near future, and fresh and dry fruits, handicrafts and other commercial items will be exported to India by air.

Economic experts meanwhile say the export of goods by air will have a huge impact on the Afghan economy.—Ariana news