Baghlan school officials launch program to separate male, female teachers



The officials in the northern province of Balkh have launched a program in which male teachers will be teaching only boys and female teachers will be teaching only girls.

Officials said that no teacher will be dismissed when the plan is implemented, addressing concerns of teachers who currently teach both boys and girls below grade six.

“Teachers are concerned about their fate, but I must say that we need teachers in various fields,” said Noor Mohammad Azizi, head of education in Baghlan.

Abdul Shukor Rahmani has been working as a teacher for 15 years in one of the schools in Puli-e-Khumri, the capital city of the province. Rahmani said that his salary is very low and he will not be able to support himself if he needs to travel to get new work.

“If this plan is implemented, there should be an advantage for the teachers, and their problems should be considered,” he said.

Meanwhile, female teachers also expressed concerns over the segregation of classes for male and female teachers, saying that they may be forced to quit their jobs with the new plan.

“They think that after the separation of classes, they will teach until grade six and after that they (teachers) will lose their jobs,” said Rina Amiri, a teacher.

“We are happy for this decision about the classes,” said Nazira, a teacher.

The officials of the Department of Education of Baghlan said that the separation plan has been prepared.—tolonews