Afghan national caught trying to travel with fake passport to Canada


Staff Reporter

An Afghan national was caught by Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) vigilance team while he was to fly to Canada on fake passport from Islamabad airport on Thursday.
As per details, Afghan national named Mirzada was trying to travel to Canada via PIA’s flight no PK-781. He was asked to show his documents by the PIA vigilance team upon doubts that he might be travelling with fake documents.
The travel documents provided by Mirzada were proved to be fake by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials. Subsequently, he was handed over to the FIA’s immigration wing for further probe into the matter.
Earlier this week, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had deported Afghan national for travelling on a fake passport from Germany to Pakistan.
According to the FIA, Afghan national named Abdullah Jan’s passport was found fake during checking at the FIA immigration counter after he had landed at the Islamabad airport from Germany.