Afghan livestock trafficked to neighbouring countries



The Chamber of Craftsmen said Afghanistan’s livestock is being trafficked to neighboring countries, especially Pakistan.

Noorul Haq Omari, head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Craftsmen, said that the drought on the one hand, and the smuggling of livestock, on the other hand, have damaged Afghanistan’s livestock sector.

“Sheep and goats are being slaughtered and cattle are being smuggled to Pakistan,” he said. Trafficking Afghan livestock to other countries has had a negative effect on meat prices in Kabul’s markets.

Meanwhile, livestock officials in Kabul believe that due to the smuggling of livestock from Afghanistan to Iran and Pakistan, livestock transfers from the provinces to Kabul have been reduced by 60 to 70 percent.

“Our property is smuggled to Pakistan, about ten to fifteen vehicles full of livestock are smuggled to Pakistan in 24 hours,” said Haji Khudayar, a livestock lawyer in Kabul.—Tolo News

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