Advanced fishing boat introduced in Pakistan


Pakistan recently made history in the fisheries industry by creating the world’s first state-of-the-art refrigerated seawater fishing boat.

In his presentation to Iftikhar Ali Malik, the President of SAARC Chamber, Engineer Dr. Zahid Ayub, the foreign award winner and also a Parachinar Pakistani, said, “we have built it; however, now after meeting all the international standards and the successful trials now we put it into operation at the Karachi harbor.”

He also said that the seawater in this Refrigerated Sea Water System is as cold as zero degrees Celsius; nevertheless, the fish is held at this cool temperature before it reaches the harbor, preserving its freshness and hygiene.

Furthermore, he said that this technique would help Pakistan’s poor fishermen; however, it will also improve the socio-economic situation by exporting fish and improving the fisheries sector because fish would no longer spoil due to the high cooling weather.

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