Address vaccine shortage



IN dealing with Covid-19, Pakistan has fared far better than most of the countries due to the timely decisions taken collectively both by the federal and provincial governments.

Though every life matters, yet there have been less deaths and the positivity ratio has now also drastically come down.

However, the threat is not over and everybody needs to continue observing precaution. The only way we can steer the country out of this virus is by the vaccination of the whole eligible population.

However, it is a matter of concern that most recently a serious shortage of vaccine has been observed at the vaccination centres across the country.

Authorities in Sindh reportedly shut all vaccine centres for Sunday whereas only a few centres were functioning in Punjab due to the ongoing vaccine shortage.

A special consignment of 1.55 million vaccine doses arrived at Islamabad airport through a special PIA flight on Sunday to overcome the shortage of jabs.

According to National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), another consignment of two to three million doses of Chinese vaccine would reach the country this week.

China once again proved to be a true friend of Pakistan who has come forward to meet the immediate vaccine requirements of the country.

The concerned authorities, however, should look into the matter as to why the National Institute of Health (NIH) that produced the PakVac vaccine under the supervision of Chinese friends failed to provide the promised three million doses in June.

In fact there would not have been shortage of the vaccine, had the NIH fulfilled the commitment.

Apart from timely importing the vaccine, we should multiply domestic production of the vaccine to avoid such a situation again.

Vaccine is a must if we really want to protect our people as well as the economy from the disastrous impact of the pandemic.

Most importantly, apprehensions of our people about the vaccination must be addressed through a large-scale awareness campaign both on the print and electronic media.

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