Action against Sugar Mafia


THE government has really shown its serious intent against the mafias and cartels in different sectors be it petroleum or the sugar and this campaign against them must not only be accelerated but also taken to logical conclusion in the form of prosecuting those who robbed the pockets of poor masses to fill their own ones.

In an important development on Saturday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) seized bank accounts of forty key figures of sugar mafia and reportedly more people are likely to be netted in the next few days.

The FIA had launched an investigation against the sugar cartel over fraud of Rs 110 billion last year.

As part of investigation, it also formed twenty teams last week to launch a crackdown against mafia.

Indeed the people want strict action against the elements behind the artificial shortage and increase in the price of commodity.

We understand the FIA should not have taken this much time to hold the sugar cartel accountable but as the action has now been started it must not stop until all those responsible for the sugar scam are brought to the book. This is the test case for the FIA to prove its professionalism and worth.

This will also send a loud and clear message to mafias in other sectors.

There is a need to intensifying crackdown to recover the large quantity of sugar hoarded by these elements to artificially increase its price.

Recovery will indeed help the government bring down the price of the commodity in the open market.

With Ramadan round the corner, the profiteers will once again become active. The price hike has already badly hurt the people.

Whilst rising above lip service, the government must take decisive steps on the ground to keep the prices of essential commodities under control.