AC Sillanwali retrieves state land


Staff Reporter

As per vision and advice of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sillanwali Sufyan Dilawar retrieved 21 marlas of valuable land from grabbers and handed it over to the owners.

According to details, the Punjab government had allotted plots to the residents in the seven-marla Jinnah Abadi scheme at village Chak 129/NB during 1987. Among them, Mr Amanullah, his cousin Ghulam Yaseen and his widow sister were also allotted
plots and which the government transferred mutations in their name. The village Numberdar and former Patwaris did not disclose the matter to the beneficiaries.

When the allottees came across the fact that ownership was transferred to them decades years ago, they approached the AC and applied for possession. After the report received from Tehsildar Raja Tahir Aziz, Girdawar Manzoor Lali and Patwari Khizer
Hayat Latti in favour of petitioners, the AC issued directions for demarcation and handing over possession of the plots to the applicants. When Patwari with his aid Mr. Ishaq arrived for demarcation, several people including Ghulam Dastgir Awan,
Kamran Saeed Awan, Shahid Awan, Haider Baloch and Khalid Mangla Demi intruded and claimed as owners of the plots. But they could not present any evidence.

Khizer Hayat Patwari rejected their claims and handed over the possession of the plots to the owners asking them to file a case in the police station against the intruders, if any, as per the instructions of the Assistant Commissioner. Malik Amanullah,
Malik Atif Naeem and Malik Ahmed Sher paid tribute to the Assistant Commissioner and his staff on evacuating long-standing illegal occupations on their land.