Aamir’s first wife Bushra seeks fans’ opinion on postmortem issue



The former first wife of late MNA Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Syeda Bushra Iqbal who was against the postmortem of her deceased husband is now in quandary after the verdict of a court regarding exhuming of his body and conducting its autopsy.


The bewildered ex-wife who is also mother of late Dr Hussain’s two children has sought opinion of the fans of the deceased politicians regarding postmortem on her Twitter handle on Sunday.

In her tweet, Syeda Bushra Iqbal raises some question after court’s verdict to reopen his grave for postmortem. She also asked people (who demanded postmortem) that where were they when Aamir was going through a difficult time?

She further said that Shariah also does not allow disinterring, cutting or tearing of a dead body.