‘A powerful country was not happy with my visit to Russia,’ PM Imran addresses Islamabad Security Dialogue

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the Islamabad Security Dialogue on Friday in which the premier said that a powerful country was not happy over the visit of the premier to Russia.

Talking about the interference of external forces in the political environment of Pakistan, Prime Minister said that a powerful country was not happy with his visit to Russia on February 24.

Referring to the same powerful country, Imran Khan said that the same powerful country’s strategic partner – India – also signed an oil deal with Russia despite sanctions, but they did not react to that.

Alluding to the threatening letter, Imran Khan said that nobody should interfere in the internal matters of other countries in such a manner.

Talking about the need for an independent foreign policy, the premier said “nations” are built on “independent foreign policy.”

The prime minister said Britain’s foreign secretary has stated that the United Kingdom cannot intervene in India’s internal matters because they have an independent policy. “So what are we?”

Prime Minister was also critical of the small group of elites who, he said, had taken over the country.

“Increasing gap between the rich and the poor and capture of resources by a handful elite class make a country vulnerable.”

“We are at this juncture due to such people, who sacrificed the nation not for the country’s interest, but in the interest of the elite,” the prime minister said.

Islamabad Security Dialogue

The forum will bring together Pakistani and international policy experts to discuss emerging challenges in international security under the theme “Comprehensive Security: Reimagining International Cooperation”.

Islamabad Security Dialogue

Speaking at the inaugural session of the two-day meeting of international delegations, Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated National Security Advisor Moeed Yousuf for successfully conducting the dialogue.

The Islamabad Security Dialogue hosts 17 international speakers from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, European Union, Japan, the Philippines and others.


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