A different Friday this time! UK HC posts picture of ‘cleaned-up’ Margalla Hills, thanks DC, IWMB for removing garbage from iconic hills

Zubair Qureshi

The British High Commissioner Dr Christian Turner posted pictures of the Margalla Hills on the social media, Friday, exactly the place whose picture he had posted a month earlier.

The difference between then and now was clear as a month ago the Margalla trail he had captured was littered with garbage and he had captioned it as “Another Friday morning, another two bags of garbage.”

He had also quoted a Hadith “Safai nisf imaan hai.” Cleanliness is half of our faith.
This time, however the case was entirely different.

In his latest post the UK High Commissioner showed neat and clean trails of Margalla Hills with a caption: What a difference a month makes!
“My garbage, My Responsibility.”

The High Commissioner’s tweet had stirred up a drive forcing the district administration and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) to launch a clean up drive in the Margalla Hills.

High commissioners and ambassadors of other countries and volunteers had also joined the awareness campaign calling it a collective responsibility to keep the hills clean and green.

In his tweet, the British HC also appreciated the efforts of the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat and the IWMB for taking the responsibility and making the world’s third largest Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) with an area of 17,386 hectares (42,960 acres) or 173.9 sq.km.

DC Islamabad also shared British High Commissioner’s appreciative tweet and shared the good news wit residents of Islamabad that garbage has been removed from Margalla Hills and the British High Commissioner is “happy with the admin of Islamabad now.”

Dr Christian Turner’s effort was appreciated by celebrities and people from all walks of life.

Former cricket star and sports commentator, Wasim Akram, responded saying, “Now this is really embarrassing. Where are we heading? And thanks Mr Turner for doing this almost every week.”

Other responses to his tweet were: “Thank you for your efforts in highlighting this litter epidemic blighting a beautiful city,” and “Let’s pray the upcoming generations are more litter conscious.”

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