94th PLA anniversary commemorated at GHQ


An impressive ceremony was held at GHQ to commemorate 94th PLA anniversary. The ceremony was specially arranged by ISPR.

The Chinese Ambassador and Defence attaches and members of Chinese embassy were given a very warm welcome.

The guest were stunned by the grandeur of the event. To mark the day the military band welcomed the guest playing chines tunes.

The venue was specially decorated with Chinese colours theme. Specially a Chinese flag was made of red roses. There was pictures exhibition showcasing hostoric pics of military engagement: exercises.

The venue was lit up with Chinese lanterns. Special Chinese and Pakistani flags were highlight of the event.

To pay tribute to Pak China relations a special documentary prepared by ISPR was aired and special song sung by Ali Zafar and Chinese singer was part of the ceremony.

Chinese Amb and DA specially thanked COAS for not only gracing the occasion but also a very warm welcome

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