9 profiteers arrested 222 shopkeepers challaned with fine of Rs5 lac


Campaign intiated by the city administration on the directive of Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon against the   profiteers on overcharging is being trying to be made effective for which Commissioner karachi has issued directives to the deputy commissioners to be remained in the field theirselves to take action against the profiteers and to supervise the campaign in their districts so as to prices fixed by the city administration is enforced strictly.

The details of the reports submitted by the deputy commissioners to the Commissioner on Sunday show the various districts have taken strict action strict against the profiteers and have fined without showing any leniency

On Sunday on the directive of the Commissioner all deputy commissioners along with the concerned officers remained in field and cheeked the prices and supervised the action taken by their officers against profiteers on overcharging

As per  reports submitted  to the commissioners 9 profiteers were arrested eight in the district of east and one in the district of south . In total 222 profiteers were fined with Rs five lacsThe deputy commissioner of District Malir reported to have imposed fines totaling Rs27000 on 18 profiteers. In district central concerned magistrates fined Rs 123000   on 14 profiteers.

District east District east administration took strict action against the violators of the government prices in which the officers authorized arrested eight profiteers in Firozabad sub division of the district for overcharging of prices of milk, chicken, fruits and grocery. According to the detail district   East 126   profiteers were fined Rs.283000.   Officials of District West administration fined   Rs. 10000 on 11 profiteers.

The officials of keamari imposed fine of 6 thousand on four profiteers while in district South   . One vegetable seller was arrested and Rs 3 lac 13 thousand 5hundred was fined on 42 Profiteers. According to the report of district korangi 7 profiteers were found overcharging so they were fined of Rs37500.

Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon has asked the deputy commissioners to continue campaign against the profiteers and ensure the efforts being carried by the city administration to provide the relief to the people especially during the month of Ramdan is successful.

He said prices fixed by the City administration should be enforced strictly so as to people get essential food items on fixed prices.

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