80pc chances of my arrest on Tuesday: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has claimed that there “are 80 per cent chances of my arrest in Islamabad on Tuesday”.

“Everything is being done to dismantle our democracy. So right now, over 10,000 workers have been arrested, my entire senior leadership is in jail.

“On Tuesday, I am to appear in Islamabad for bails and there are 80pc chances I will be arrested.”

Terming the current period an “unpredictable time”, Imran Khan expressed his fear over the coalition government not holding the national elections later in October this year.

“My worry now is that they won’t hold the national elections even in October,” he said. “I fear they will hold the elections until they are clear that PTI won’t win.”

He said that his party had won by-elections and said that the PDM

was therefore “petrified” of polls. “They fear PTI will come into power and everything is being done now to dismantle democracy.”

Imran claimed that the government wanted to “bump him off” because it was scared of losing elections.

During an interview with CNN, he recalled the assassination attempt on him last year. “I had predicted that a religious fanatic will be sued to kill me like our governor was killed.”

He also went on to say that there was still a threat to his life.

Meanwhile, in an interview with CNN, Imran said that in view of the government’s move to try May 9 rioters in military and anti-terrorism courts, efforts were being made to “impose a ban” on his party in the country.