7,349 frontline healthcare workers vaccinated so far



On the third day of the first phase of Covid-19 vaccination drive Sindh has  seen 3,696 more frontline workers receiving their anti-viral jabs according to health department stats.

So far in vaccination drive the provincial health department said total 7,349 workers, deemed to be on frontlines against the global pandemic, have received the shots, with Karachi’s South District jabbing 468 people.

Some 233 staffers of Jinnah Hospital received their jabs, according to the health department numbers.

Separately in Karachi’s East district, the total frontline workers to receive their first vaccination dose were 298.

Numbers vaccinating workers in the West district were 318 which is slightly higher than those in Center with 160 frontline workers.

Across Korangi District, 367 frontline workers received their jabs, followed by contiguous Malir district with 278 workers vaccinated.

Moreover from Sindh, Hyderabad frontline workers have received 480 jabs so far while Shaheed Benazirabad noted 520 staffers related to fields considered frontlines.

Moreover, the Sindh information minister Syed Nasir Hussian Shah has separately announced that journalists in Sindh will get Covid vaccine jabs under the nationwide first phase vaccination program as well.

Murad Ali Shah said this during a meeting with a delegation of the Karachi Union of Journalists here in Karachi.

The minister said that the provincial government considers journalists as frontline workers and they will also get vaccine doses besides doctors in the first phase.

“Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah have agreed to include journalists in the current vaccination program,” he said, adding that reporters, photographers and cameramen will get the jab as part of the vaccination programme.

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