6,000 tons of waste lifted LWMC resumes cleanliness operation

Staff Reporter

The Lahore Waste Management Company has restarted its cleanliness operation in those areas which were seized by protesters near Samanabad and its surrounding areas on Wednesday.

The spokesperson for LWMC said that thousands of tons garbage has been lifted in cleanliness operation resumed in seized areas.

Due to blockage of the roads, operation vehicles faced difficulty while lifting garbage from transition sites to landfill areas.

He also said that a very successful operation is being conducted in the areas of Samanabad, Ichhra, Iqbal Town, Chauburji and its surroundings.

Adverse conditions have affected cleanliness operations in blocked areas of Samananad and other towns as well.

Now the cleanliness operation has been started as per routine and LWMC has lifted more than 6 thousand tons of waste from every nook and corner of the city, he added.

Soon all the points will be cleared after the successful completion of zero waste operation.

Citizens are requested to cooperate with the department and can always use LWMC helpline 1139 or Clean Lahore mobile application.

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