50pc factories have stop functioning as markets drop


Nearly 50 percent of factories have halted operations due to banking problems and the lack of raw materials as well as the drop in market demand, the Chamber of Industry and Mines said.

“Due to less demands in markets, banking problems, and electricity problems, 40-50 percent of activities have been stopped,” said Mohammad Karim Azimi, an official at the Chamber of Industry and Mines.

Some owners of the factories also voiced their concerns over the lack of electricity to run their operations.

Khalid Mohammd Tajik is the owner of a factory that has recently stopped its activity. He said that over 80 people were working at his factory but now all of them are jobless.

“Due to the recent changes in the country, there is a problem with the raw material and also the lack of good markets. We do construction work, but construction has stopped now,” he said.

Based on the statistics of the Afghanistan Industrial Union, over 4,000 factories need the support of the government to boost their activities.

As Afghanistan is going through a drastic humanitarian crisis, many development and construction projects have been halted. The aid provided by international organizations is mainly focusing on providing food and other essentials to vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, factory owners are seeking to move their business operations to Iran or Pakistan, Kandahar’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry said on Monday.

“Some have the intention to go to the neighboring countries. In addition to electricity, there are other problems that are affecting the private sector,” said Niamatullah Niamat, deputy of the Kandahar chamber.—Tolo News


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