5 Pakistani dramas to binge-watch over the weekend


Lately, Pakistani media industry has been obsessed with presenting the same done-to-death subjects in its dramas. Almost every drama seems to be a revolving around the stale theme of domestic issues. One trope that has been overly used is the idea of a ‘mazloom, roti dhoti aurat’.  The repetitive subjects make it extremely boring to sit and attribute your attention to these dramas. However, this has not always been the case. Pakistani media industry has given us some of the masterpieces that portray a larger-than-life picture. These dramas have strong females leads unlike the conventional dramas.

Today we have prepared a list of the dramas that you can binge-watch over the weekend without finding them stale.

  1. Alpha Bravo Charlie

This beautifully written and creatively crafted masterpiece is a work of art. The light comedy, romance and the portrayal of the golden period of Pakistan Army serves as a whole package. Apart from that, the strong female lead in the form of Shahnaz’s character gives an edge to the script.

  1. Tanhaiyan

This drama was way ahead of its time. The headstrong Zara, upright Aani and the confident Sania were class apart. The classic was a perfect combination of humor and tragedy. It made us cry and it made us laugh. This weekend, revisit the old memories and feel the intensity of raw emotions.

  1. Aansu

Weren’t we all mesmerized with the enigmatic Isha when the drama came out? The strong character made a huge impact. People loved the bubbly yet independent girl that Isha portrayed. The drama has a unique storyline which is not your regular plot.

  1. Dastaan

Here’s another masterpiece with a strong female lead. The story revolves around the time of partition when people migrated to Pakistan and the role that women played in the establishment of this country.

  1. Manto

This is a biopic which is about the life of a writer who decided to settle down in Lahore after partition. The suspense and thriller is the life of this drama. Manto played by Sarmad Khoosat is an engulfing story which will have you hooked in seconds.

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