4 uplift schemes of Rs5.468b approved


Punjab Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) here Tuesday approved four developmental schemes of various sectors with an estimated cost of Rs 5,468.472 million.

These schemes were approved in the 24th PDWP meeting of current fiscal year 2022-23 chaired by Chairman of Planning and Development Board Abdullah Khan Sumbal.

The approved developmental schemes included Procurement of Emergency Goods for

Relief of Flood Affected People of Tehsil Rojhan and Taunsa at the cost of Rs. 1,450.171 million,

Establishment of 60 Bedded Hospital at Jaurrian Chakri Road Rawalpindi (Revised) at the cost of Rs 652.377 million, Replacement of Beds and other Equipments at RHCs of Punjab at the cost of Rs 982.446 million and Up-gradation of Kalabagh/Shakardara Road, Length 38.64 Km, District Mianwali at the cost of Rs. 2,383.478 million.

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