32 tube-wells operational to ensure water supply to capital


There were 32 tube-wells operational to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the federal capital residents, said Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Tuesday.

“Only 18 machines were operational in past to meet the demands of locals dependent on tube wells supply, but the new CDA management added 12 more tube-wells, resulted in a significant improvement in water supply.

With increase in number of tube-wells the long-standing problem of water supply in sectors I-10 and I-9 has also been overcome. The pumping time in sector I-10 was also increased from 2 hours to 6 to 7 hours. he added.,

The CDA management, he said had taken multiple initiatives to improve water situation in the federal capital.

He said more water will be added to the supply system through Poona Faqeeran water treatment plant which received water after the reservoirs are filled from Simli Dam and Rawal Dam.

The installation of tube-wells will reduce ground water pumping, that eventually maintain ground water level so it may be used in emergency water situation.

It may be noted that the authority was utilizing unused tanks to store the water, while water supplies in sector I-11 will be arranged soon in the next few months.The spokesman appealed the citizens to avoid wastage of water so it may be used by others.