3 booked for killing leopard

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Three people were booked under wildlife Act 2015 on Wednesday who allegedly killed a young leopard at Khushi Kote, union council Palak in Abbottabad district.

According to Wild Life department, Abdul Rahim, Wajid and Zaheer have been booked as they have attacked the leopard whereas leopard was in a deep ditch where human beings have no danger.

“They have to inform wild life department and law enforcing agencies instead of taking law in their own hand which not only endangered human life but also caused loss of a leopard”.

The action has been taken under wild life act 2015 according to which the punishment is one year imprisonment or fine up to one lack rupees or both.

On the other hand, injured Rahim Dad and his family members claimed that leopard attacked him on tuesday when he was on his way to home resultantly his arm was broken beside other injuries.

Later, locals rushed at the spot and not only survived the injured person but also killed the leopard.