2,837 more coronavirus patients cured in China



I’d like to share with you some latest figures. According to the statistics from the National Health Commission this morning, March 1 saw 2,837 patients cured and discharged from hospital in China’s mainland, bringing the tally to 44,462.
Over the past week, the cure rates of confirmed cases in Wuhan city, Hubei province, and the country as a whole have kept rising. The ratio of discharged cases has exceeded 50% across the country, showing effectiveness of medical treatment.
Since the epidemic broke out, the whole country is waging a united battle against it with the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures. Thanks to these arduous efforts, the situation is increasingly trending in a positive direction and the recovery of economic and social development is being expedited. We are confident that we can and will win the fight. That being said, we need to be aware that the situation remains severe and complicated, with high uncertainty and strong pressure of a rebound. We will work relentlessly to implement every prevention and control measure to consolidate current results.
Q: On February 28, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that the WHO has increased its assessment of the risk of COVID-19 in terms of spread and impact to very high at a global level. How does China see the overseas spread of the virus?
A: We have noted relevant reports. China is closely following the global developments of the COVID-19 epidemic. We relate to the difficulties some countries are going through as the situation there is getting more severe. The virus is a common challenge for humanity which calls for the joint response by the international community.
Upholding the spirit of a community with a shared future, China will work actively with other parties at regional and global levels and participate more in international public health governance. We will also continue to work closely with the WHO and maintain close communication with relevant countries to share experience and coordinate response in a joint effort to safeguard regional and global public health security.
Q: The US and the Taliban signed a peace deal in Doha, Qatar on February 29 local time. According to the agreement, the US will pull its troops out of Afghanistan in a phased manner and the Taliban promises not to shield terrorists.
The signing of the deal marks an imminent end to the 18-year Afghan war. What is your comment?
A: China welcomes the signing of this agreement between the US and Taliban, which we believe will play a positive role in promoting a political settlement of the Afghan issue. China firmly supports a broad and inclusive peace and reconciliation process that is “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned”. We hope that the agreement between the US and the Taliban will enable the seed of peace to take root in Afghanistan.
Foreign troops should withdraw in an orderly and responsible way so that the situation in Afghanistan will experience a steady transition with no security vacuum for terrorist forces to seize upon and expand themselves. Meanwhile, the international community should continue to support and engage in the Afghan peace and reconstruction process. China calls on the Taliban and other parties in Afghanistan to act upon this opportunity and launch intra-Afghan negotiations at an early date so that they can together make political and security plans that are acceptable to all and contribute to the realization of enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan.
China stands ready to work with the international community and continue to offer our support and assistance to the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

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