25 more peacocks die of mysterious disease in Thar



Peacocks continue to suffer in Sindh as more than twenty-five peacocks have been died in Nagarparkar, Chachro, Mithi, and Islamkot tehsil while hundreds more lost their ability to walk owing to a mysterious disease.

The mysterious disease continues to spread unabated but, unfortunately, the teams of Wildlife Department could not reach as usual. On the other hand, the Deputy Conservator of Wildlife Department, Mir Ijaz, said, “We are sending teams everywhere we receive complaints in an effort to save peacocks.” He detailed that the lethal disease in peacocks in Tharparkar is due to farm chicken since eating farm chicken causes sore throats and poisons their stomachs.

Similarly, the Deputy Director of Wildlife Department Sawai Malhi also stated that there are no facilities and only four technical staff members working for the department in the entire district. He added that the department has neither vehicle nor fuel facility, and that the only octor available to the department is in Mithi.—NNI