2,130 criminals arrested under NAP in two weeks



Around 2,130 criminals were arrested under National Action Plan (NAP) and on other criminal charges during the first two weeks of 2023. According to the police spokesperson, Lahore police arrested 518 persons for carrying illegal weapons and recovered six Kalashnikovs, 34 rifles, 29 guns, 444 pistols, revolvers and 3,000 bullets and cartridges from these criminals.

Similarly, under National Action Plan, around 217 accused were arrested against violation of Security of Vulnerable Establishments Ordinance, 296 against violation of Sound System Regulation Ordinance, 1,096 accused against violation of Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance whereas three accused were arrested for Hate Material Cases during this new year. Around 616 drug peddlers were arrested and 2.381kg heroin, 222.567kg charas, 361 grams of ICE and 8,697-litres of liquor were recovered from them.