2022 worst year for Sindh: Zain


Sindh United Party President Syed Zain Shah has said that 2022 was the worst year for Sindh. People’s Party’s corruption has drowned Sindh with incompetence.

Zardari’s mafia has eaten Sindh like a termite. Zardari has been playing with Sindh for 14 years. People’s Party has been imposing on Sindh like a vulture for 14 years.

Annual general budget of trillions of rupees. And the Sindh government eating the development budget has completely destroyed the infrastructure of Sindh.

The government has not been able to provide the people of Sindh province with basic facilities like health, education, law and order and water. The political parties will have to unite and get rid of the People’s Party.

In a statement, Syed Zain Shah said that government wheat was offered for rain to hide the corruption of billions of rupees. Sindh government officials sold government stocks with the connivance of Zardari mafia.

Billions of irregularities were committed in various departments. Mismanagement and corruption in institutions under the patronage of the Sindh government have left the people at the mercy of the mafia.

Syed Zain Shah said that the People’s Party will have to account for the theft of billions of rupees of wheat. The corruption of the party and the PDM has prepared a plan to destroy the country. Due to the corrupt government of the People’s Party, no one’s life or reputation is safe.

He said that on the one hand, millions of flood victims are still living under the open sky, on the other hand, due to the incompetence and corruption of the Sindh government, the people are losing the most expensive flour and other basic commodities.

The ovens in the markets are closed. Poor people are forced to starve due to this rising inflation, poor and unemployed youth are forced to commit suicide.

Flour, rice, dal, ghee and vegetables are so expensive that now they are becoming far beyond the reach of the common man. However, the crisis of electricity and gas has made up for it.