New cabinet of KPC takes charge



The newly elected cabinet of Karachi Press Club (KPC) has taken charge. The General Council meeting was held yesterday under the chairmanship of President Fazil Jamili. In the meeting, Secretary Muhammad Rizwan Bhatti presented the performance report. A large number of club members participated in the meeting. They paid tribute to Karachi Press President Fazil Jamili and Muhammad Rizwan Bhatti for achieving record and historical development work in 2022.

After the performance report, Chairman Election Committee Dr. Tauseef Ahmed announced the results. Dr. Tauseef Ahmad Khan appointed the newly elected President Saeed Sarbazi, Vice President Mushtaq Sohail, Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, Joint Secretary Aslam Khan, Treasurer Ehtsham Saeed Qureshi, Governing Body Members Shams keerio, Farooq Sami, Rafiq Bashir, Kulsoom Jahan, Ramiz Vohra, Zulfiqar Rajpar and Zulfiqar Hocho were announced.

On this occasion, newly elected president Saeed Sarbazi and secretary Shoaib Ahmad said that they will try hard to fulfill the trust expressed by the members of the club. Being elected unopposed has increased our responsibilities. We will try to run Karachi Press Club like a home. Addressing the meeting, Fazil Jameel and Mohammad Rizwan Bhatti said that we have fulfilled our responsibilities. Tried to do it amicably and have taken all possible measures to provide facilities to the members of Karachi Press Club, which members are also recognized. He wished the new officials well.

On this occasion, Muhammad Rizwan Bhatti also presented the annual report which was approved by a large number of Press Club members. Meanwhile, the successful officials of The Democrats Panel were congratulated by various personalities for their unopposed victory in the Karachi Press Club elections. Messages are being received.