2 killed, 7 injured in city Superhighway accident


At least two people were killed and seven others were injured in a horrific road crash between a passenger bus and trailer at Karachi Superhighway.

The accident occurred at the Lucky Cement factory between a trailer and a bus. The injured and bodies were moved to a nearby hospital. The cause behind the horrific incident remained unknown as per the initial report.

Pakistan has been reporting a number of accidents and it has been reported that at least 780 people lost their lives in Karachi traffic accidents in 2022.

The Edhi Foundation’s spokesperson said 780 died and 9,725 citizens were wounded in traffic accidents in 2022. Meanwhile, a total of 540 were killed and 2,465 people wounded in different firing incidents in the metropolis.

The spokesperson added that 260 perished due to drowning in rivers and nullahs, on the other hand, 124 citizens lost their lives due to electrocution.