173 quackery centres sealed by PHC


The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) sealed 173 quackery centres during the previous two weeks.

According to a spokesperson on Sunday, the PHC enforcement teams, in the anti-quackery drive in 18 cities and their adjoining areas, carried out raids on 766 treatment centres. Out of which, 227 centres had been converted into other legal businesses, while on 45, qualified physicians were deputed for checking patients. Besides the sealed outlets, the PHC would continue surveillance of 315 treatment centres where qualified physicians were working at the time of the raids.

Out of the shuttered outlets, 22 centres were closed down in Gujranwala, 18 each in Rawalpindi and Okara, Sheikhupura 15 and 13 in Lahore. I

n the city, Bismillah Haddi Jorr, Waseem Dental Clinic, Sardar Jee Dawakhana, Ashraf Clinic, Azim Medical Store, Lahore Lab and X-ray Centre, Waris Clinic, Hussain Clinic, Zafar Clinic, Shahbaz Jarrah, Yasin Homoeopathic Clinic, Altaf Dental Clinic and MaSha’Allah Clinic were sealed.

So far, the PHC teams had visited 136,574 centres, and closed down over 38,700 illegal outlets, while 32,359 quacks had quit their illegal businesses.

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