173 LWMC absent employees sacked


The management of Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has made major decisions to improve sanitation system in the city, and issued a notification to dismiss its 173 employees due to their persistent absenteeism.

In the last two months, more than 250 employees have been sacked for taking long leave without bringing it into the notice of the management.

Furthermore, digital registration of stock has also been formally started, said a spokesman for the LWMC.

The action was taken on instructions of the LWMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Babar Sahib Din, while strict monitoring was under way.

The CEO said that carelessness in the matters of cleanliness of Lahore city would not be tolerated at any cost. The entire system of LWMC was being monitored in a digitalised manner. Attendance of workers in the field, time of vehicle departure, and arrival from workshop are being monitored through modern online applications.

As per the company policy, any employee would be dismissed from service for being absent for 30 consecutive days without a notice. Babar Sahib Din said that due to strict digital monitoring, there was a significant improvement in the attendance and operational working of the workers. The best service delivery could be made possible only with 100pc attendance, he added.

The CEO also requested citizens to cooperate with the LWMC to maintain cleanliness of the city. Issues and suggestions related to sanitation staff, machinery, or containers deployed in your area could be registered on LWMC helpline 1139 or on the social media.