15-member AJK Cabinet sworn-in

Our Correspondent

A fifteen members cabinet of Azad Jammu & Kashmir government took oath at a special ceremony hosted in the State Metropolis on Thursday.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry administered the oath to the newly-inducted ministers of the new government of AJK.

Besides two newly-inducted advisers to the AJK government including Ch. Maqbool Ahmed and Muhammad Akbar also took the oath in the ceremony.

AJK Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Niazi was also present on this occasion. The ministers who took the oath of their offices included Azhar Sadiq, Ch. Arshad Hussain from Mirpur district, Ch. Ali Shan Soni from Bhimbher district, Zaffar Iqbal Malik Ch. Muhammad Ikhlaq and Nisar Ansar Abdali from Kotli district, Sardar Mir Akber Khan and Mst. Shahida Sagheer Chughtai from Bagh district, Faheem Akhtar from Sudhanoti District, Khawaja Farooq Ahmed and Dewaan Ali Chughtai from Muzaffarabad district, Ch. Muhammad Rasheed from Jhelum valley District, Sardar Muhammad Hussain from Rawalakot district Akmal Sargala from Jammu refugees seat from Narowal and Majid Khan from Kashmir valley refugees from Peshawar.

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