13 killed, 9 injured in Motorway accident near near Rukanpur

Motorway accident

Rahim Yar Khan: As many as 13 people were killed, while nine others were injured in an accident on M-5 Motorway near Rukanpur.

According to initial reports, the accident took place as a result of a collision between a van, a bus, and a jeep in the middle of the M-5 Motorway within the limits of Thal Khair Muhammad police station.

According to initial reports, the accident occurred when the tyre of the van burst and the vehicle overturned.

As residents of the area came to the rescue of the family members travelling in the van, a speeding jeep and a bus rammed into it.

DSP Motorway Abdul Qadir Sindhu said, “Thirteen people died on the spot and more than nine are seriously injured.”

The bodies and injured were shifted to Sheikh Zayed Hospital with the help of rescue and Edhi ambulances.

Police, Motorway Police, Rescue 1122 and Edhi Foundation teams were engaged in the rescue operation.

According to eyewitnesses, the locals who came to help were also victims of the accident.

Neglecting tyre safety measures can cause serious accidents: Motorway Police

Commuters’ safety has become a major concern for National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP), who are urging motorists to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents caused by neglecting tire safety measures.

Talking to a state-run news agency here on Wednesday, an official of the NHMP said that many accidents occurred due to the use of smuggled, damaged, or weak tires.

He said that motorists should check and ensure the minimum tread level value of their cars. “Tread value for the car should be 1.6mm, for LTV vehicles the value should be 2.5mm, while for buses and HTVs, the value should be 3.5mm”, he added.

In addition, he said that motorists should try to perform regular visual tests of their vehicles’ tires, and ensure that they do not mix tires of different sizes or speed ratings. Mixing tires could have a negative impact on the vehicle’s handling and stability, making it more prone to accidents, he maintained.

The officials emphasized the importance of maintaining correct air pressure in tires, saying that vehicles with incorrect air pressure consumed more fuel, and affected road handling, making it difficult to take corners safely. He said that under-inflated tires could also increase the braking distance which made it more difficult to stop the vehicle in time.

He said that to ensure good contact between the tires and the road, it was essential to maintain the correct air pressure in the tires. He urged the motorists to inspect their vehicles’ tires regularly and replace them after the recommended time period.

Neglecting tyre safety measures can cause serious accidents: Motorway Police