1,26,997 new voters registered in GB


Our Correspondent


Around 1,26,997 newly registered voters will poll their right of votes during upcoming general election of Gilgit-Baltistan. A district wise voter list has been issued from Election Commission of GB, which showed that in election 2015 total numbers of voters were 618,364. In 2020 total registered voters are 745,361, which shows that 126997 fresh voters will poll their votes infavor of their candidates in upcoming general election of GB.
Overall District Diamer GB has more voters with a figure of 119452 than other districts of GB. While, district Nagir of GB has less voters among other districts of GB with a total figure of 37172 voters.
In 2015 total number of voters in three constituencies of district Gilgit were 99035 and now in 2020 total voters are118459. In 2015 two constituencies of district Astore had 52151 voters while now in 2020 number of total registered voters are 62401.
In 2015 three constituencies of district Nagir(including Hunza,which was created as new district after 2015 election) had 67227 registered votes and in 2020 district Nagir has total registered voters are 80775 registered voters, including 43603 votes of district hunza.
In 2015 six constituencies of district Skardu including shiger and kharmung (both shiger and kharmung were created as new districts after 2015 election) had total 145552 voters, while now in 2020 total registered voters in four constituencies of district Skardu are 172147(including 37957 voters of district Shiger and 35620 voters from district Kharmung).
In 2015 four constituencies of district Diamer had total registered votes of 96339,in 2020 Diamer has 119452 voters. In 2015 three constituencies of district Ghanchy had total registered voter were 64859,while now in 2020 has 35620 voters. In 2015 district Ghezer had total registered voters were 93233, and in 2020 Ghezer has 115314 voters.