12 school children stuck in dollylift rescued


At least 12 school-going children were rescued as they were stuck in a dolly-lift in Abbottabad on Monday morning. The dollylift came to a halt midway in midair after one of its iron cables snapped. Rescue 1122 personnel took one and a half hour to rescue the children and landed them down safely.

The 12 children were on their way to school from Gil Dhok area of Dhamtore and boarded the dolly-lift as their daily routine. But half way through they got stuck when one cable broke off and the dolly-lift stopped moving. When passersby came to know that the lift was not moving further and there were schoolchildren inside they immediately informed Rescue 1122 of the incident. The rescue team rushed to the spot and successfully brought the children down.

In March 2021 also, Rescue 1122 personnel had rescued seven people including four women and a child trapped in the dolly-lift for 12 hours in Abbottabad. The incident happened when the lift got stuck which took the rescuers 12 hours to save them.—INP