10 outlaws arrested, narcotics, weapons recovered


Staff Reporter

Islamabad police has arrested 10 criminals from various areas of the city and recovered hashish, wine as well as weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.
According to details, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan ordered crackdown against criminal elements. Following these orders, DIG (Operations) has directed all zonal officers to accelerate their efforts to curb the crime in the city.
As per directions Banigala police arrested accused Nasir Ahmed and recovered 114 gram hashish from him. Tarnol police arrested two accused Abdul Kareem and Irfan Khan and recovered two 30 bore pistols along with ammunition from their possession.
Homicide Unit police recovered one 30 bore pistol from the possession of an arrested accused Darwaish. Noon police arrested two accused Muswar Khan and Raja Muhammad and recovered two 30 bore pistols along with ammunition. Shams colony police arrested two accused Tajamal Jameel and Alyan and recovered 280 gram hashish from their possession.
Shalimar police arrested accused Danish Saleem and recovered 20 liters alcohol from him. Lohibher police arrested accused Arsal and recovered 170 gram hashish from him. Cases have been registered against the nabbed persons and further legal proceeding is underway.
DIG (Operations) Islamabad has appreciated the performance and directed all police officials for high vigilance and monitoring against those involved in anti-social activities.