Zong 4G: Advancing to Pakistan’s Digital Era



Over the past 14 years, the CMPak owned cellular network Zong has been leading the way to establishing a more digitally connected and inclusive Pakistan. A 100 percent owned subsidiary of the largest telecom service provider in the world, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC); CMPak was the first telecom company to invest substantially in creating a nationwide network with 4G capabilities covering more than 300 cities that house over 14,000 4G cell sites.

Drawing heavily from CMCC’s global experience and expertise, CMPak has managed to strategically approach the way forward in the digitalization of Pakistan by first concentrating on building an infrastructure that has solid foundations and is well equipped to take on the rapid increase in demand expected in the future.

With $3 billion already invested in creating a robust network that has been awarded “No.1 operator in voice and data services” by the Pakistan Telecom Authority, CMPak has maintained an extremely strong belief in Pakistan’s market potential and has consistently reinvested all profits back into the country.

Additionally, investments of such magnitude also play a significant role in fostering a wide array of supportive economic activities leading to an increase in job creation; currently CMPak employs over 3,500 people directly with an additional 200,000 people employed in-directly while working on projects associated with the company.

Pakistan is currently the 5th largest young country in the world with approximately 64% of the population being less than 30 years of age. Nurturing and supporting this segment of society presents an immense opportunity to truly create engines of development while unleashing their true potential is a surefire way for the youth to transform this country’s future.

With that being a core belief at CMPak, Zong 4G has been playing an instrumental role in ensuring Pakistan’s youth has the opportunity and means to learn about the latest technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Partnerships with Bahria University and NUST have led to successful deployment of online trainings for AI &IoT through Zong’s One Link Solution.

IoT is perhaps one of the most important technologies in building a more efficient and seamless future for global industries; Zong’sIoT solutions have already played a critical role in enhancing services such as digital healthcare platforms and tracker devices in the country to international standards.

However, all efforts to improve digital inclusion and literacy would fall short with limited network coverage. Zong 4G’s core value to remove social and digital divides is the driving force behind the company’s work in expanding its network in remote and marginalised areas of Pakistan.

The mission is simple – provide seamless and reliable connectivity to every corner of Pakistan. Improving digital inclusion plays a vital role in the socio-technological process of the country by empowering communities to participate and play an active role in today’s growing information society.

Digital inclusion is perhaps a leading factor in improving livelihoods. Zong 4G has joined hands with USF to expand across Balochistan and Karachi’s Malir area while also prioritising Azad Jammu & Kashmir along with Gilgit Baltistan. Two regions where the company made sure to purchase the highest spectrum at 1800 MHz in the NGMS auction. Users can now experience high-speed connectivity with the only true 4G network in the region.

With a history of consistently introducing new tech, ZONG 4G was the first to test 5G technology not only in Pakistan but across South Asia as well, successfully making the only call using a 5G network.

Whilst the world was busy battling the pandemic and people were cut off from their loved ones , the company worked diligently to achieve the biggest network rollout in the industry till date, ensuring that hundreds of cell sites are on-aired making Zong 4G accessible to a connected nation.


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