‘Zindagi digital App’ to be re-launched soon to fight drugs

Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Narcotics Control has decided to re-launch of ‘Zindagi App’ to curb drug trafficking in the country and to increase its awareness.

Federal Secretary for Narcotics Control, Akbar Durrani while talking to media said the relaunching of ‘Zindagi app’ was an effort to raise awareness among parents and teachers about the hazards of drug abuse.

He explained that all the important information regarding drug addiction control would be available through the mobile app, adding, protecting young ones from the menace of drug and monitoring the use of narcotics in the country were the top priority of the incumbent government.

Ministry of Narcotics has also launching a nation-wide mass awareness campaign against drug through all platforms including digital and social media, he informed.

He said the overall objective of the campaign was to raise public awareness of drugs and their harmful effects on individuals, families and society at large with chief focus on youth.

Akbar Durrani said our young population deserved every opportunity to live up to their full potential and exposure to effective drug prevention messages increases chances to live a healthy life.

He warned that the future of the country would be at risk if the youngsters would not be rescued from the menace of drugs.