Ziauddin Hospital become first private liver transplant institution



Dr Ziauddin Hospital has ensured access to reliable and high-quality treatment for liver transplantation in Pakistan. Dr Ziauddin Hospital is the first private institution in Sindh and the fourth in Pakistan to provide liver transplants.

Today we are pleased to announce the completion of ten successful liver transplants at Dr Ziauddin Hospital. Crossing this milestone was certainly not easy, but our team has done it in a very short span of time, and I appreciate my team for their efforts.” These views were expressed by Dr Asim Hussain, Chairman, Dr Ziauddin Group of Hospitals, while addressing a function to celebrate ten successful liver transplants. Dr Asim Hussain further said that liver transplantation is a need of the country and the people and as an institution providing quality health services, we will do what we can.

This is a great achievement of Dr Ziauddin Hospital which would not have been possible without a team of specialists. On this occasion, Dr Zaigham Abbas, Consultant Gastroenterologist said that

“Liver disease is a major issue in Pakistan. Hepatitis C and B virus infections are the most common causes of liver failure in a nation with around 200 million residents (5% and 10 million, respectively).

Every 15 minutes, one person passes away from Hepatitis B and C complications, and more than 2 million people might eventually need liver transplants to survive due to cirrhosis problems”.

“This year Dr Ziauddin Hospital started liver transplantation in collaboration with Gambit Institute of Medical Sciences and the Sindh government.

This is a remarkable example of a public-private partnership with the Sindh government actively investing in people’s health. Liver transplantation is a procedure that uses part of a healthy donor’s healthy liver obtained from a close relative.

A donated healthy liver is then used to treat impaired or impaired liver function”, Dr Abbas further stated. Dr Abdul Wahab Dogar, Dr Zeeshan Hyder, Dr Ali Qadeer, Medical Superintendent of Ziauddin Hospital Clifton, Dr Anoop Dawani and others who are part of the team of the Liver Transplant Department also expressed their views at the event.  At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Asim Hussain also distributed shields among the doctors of the Liver Transplant Team.

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